2024 International Organizing Committee

barbora-east-150x150.pngDr. Barbora East


My goal is to transform this year’s EHS annual conference into an exceptional and unconventional experience for all attendees, while upholding the EHS legacy of fostering positive vibes and relationships. I aim to make Prague a memorable destination where attendees can socialize, gain innovative knowledge, improve their practices, and enhance patient outcomes. As a committed AWR surgeon, a mother, and a woman, I would like to emphasize the importance of equality, diversity, and tolerance in the field of surgery.

dr-filip-muysoms-150x150.pngDr. Filip Muysoms


Abdominal wall surgery became my primary focus in practice and research as it allows to implement and investigate how innovations can impact outcome and quality of life in patients with hernias.

Abdominal wall surgery has a massive impact on our health care by the high number of patients with hernias and therefor quality of our treatment of those patients should have a high priority. Prevention of hernias by a respectful approach to the abdominal wall during abdominal surgery is key to lessen the hernia burden for our patients.

dr-andrew-de-beaux-150x150.pngDr. Andrew de Beaux


I am excited to be part of the EHSPrague2024 organising team. It was my privilege to be the Co-President of EHSEdinburgh2014, and I have been a regular at the EHS Congress for over twenty years now – and hope to be at many more! My career in hernia and AWR has been a real privilege, working with patient, trying to help improve their quality of life. Much of my working life has been in Edinburgh, UK, but as the Secretary for Social Media and then the General Secretary of the EHS, Europe has become my focus. I am excited to be in Prague, the Centre of Europe, in 2024.

Hernia surgery in all its facets is undergoing big changes. Technology, science, research, new techniques to name but a few. To be in the “Out of the Box” team, is an honour. I bring my experience, enthusiasm and energy to the team, and hope that I can help work with industry, to make this a truly memorable event. The EHS has enjoyed a strong working relationship with its industry partners, and I have every confidence that this will be continued and be very evident at EHSPrague2024.